Mis 100 días de música

He aquí la selección de música en base al reto de los 100 días de música. Estaré actualizando constantemente… espero je Agregaré el video (si lo tiene), o bien, pueden escucharlas en mi lista en Spotify

Day 01: A song you know all the lyrics to. —  OneRepublic – Counting Stars

Day 02: A song from the first album you ever bought. (what was the album?) Paul Weller – You do something to me, album: Pure rock ballads

Day 03: A song that reminds you of a night out. — Ray LaMontagne – Hold you in my arms

Day 04: A song you can remember you parents listening to. — Creedence Clearwater Revival – Have You Ever Seen The Rain?

Day 05: A song a friend likes but you don’t.Alicia Villarreal – Te quedó grande la yegua

Day 06: A novelty song.Calvin Harris – Outside ft. Ellie Goulding

Day 07: One of your favourite songs — Mumford and sons – Sigh No more

Day 08: A song you used to like but now hate.James Blunt — You’re beautiful

Day 09: A childhood memory T.V. theme tune. — Richard Wess — Jeannie — Mi bella genio

Day 10: A song from one of your favourite albums. — La Roux – In for the kill — Album La Roux 

Day 11: A song from an artist you are attracted to. — Ray LaMontagne – Jolene

Day 12: A song from any dead artist. — Elvis Presley – Suspicious minds

Day 13: A favourite cover song. — Lo-Fang – You’re the one that I want – Original de John Travolta y Olivia Newton-John

Day 14: A song with a good video. — Daft Punk – Around the world

Day 15: A song you hate. —  Berlin – Take my breath away

Day 16: A song you like but a friend hates. — Los auténticos decadentes – Un osito de peluche de Taiwan 

Day 17: A song from a movie. (what is the movie?) — Umebayshi ShigeruYumeji’s Theme – de la película In the Mood for Love

Day 18: A song from the year you were born.Queen — Another bites the dust

Day 19: A song you think most people would like. — The Wind and The Wave — Chandelier (Sia Cover)

Day 20: A good 80’s song. — Morrisey – Suedehead (Febrero, 1988)

Day 21: A song with a name in itLaura Branigan – Gloria

Day 22: A song that is over 7 minutes long.Alicia Keys – Streets Of New York ( Unplugged) 

Day 23: A song with no lyrics. — Dave Brubeck – Take Five

Day 24: A good 70’s song. — The Clash – London Calling (1979)

Day 25: A song you would ask a DJ to play at a party — David Guetta – Titanium

Day 26: A good 60’s song. — David Bowie – Space Oddity

Día 27: A song with a number in it.The Civil Wars – 20 years

Day 28: A really old song. (roughly what year?) — Summetian Hymn (de hace 3,400 años)

Day 29: A Michael Jackson song. — Michael Jackson – Billie Jean 

Day 30: One of the oldest songs that you like. — Palito Ortega- Qué vas ha hacer esta noche

Day 31: If you were to have a party for your birthday, this song has to be played. — Fun ft. Janelle Monáe – We Are Young 

Day 32: A song in the current charts you like the most. —  Major Lazer & DJ Snake – Lean On

Day 33: A really short song. Lo-Fang — Intro (00:25)

Day 34: A song performed by an actor/actress. — Eddie Murphy – Party All The Time

Day 35: A song from a classic rock band. — Boston – More Than a Feeling 

Day 36: The Eurovision Song Contest winner the year you were born. — Bucks Fizz – Making Your Mind Up (1er lugar)


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