Hay dos “expresiones artísticas” (si debo llamarles de alguna manera) que me agradan mucho, una es la película “Wings of desire” de Win Wenders (película que veo en este momento) y otra es el libro “The Pillow book” de Sei Shonagon. Las dos me gustan porque coinciden en varias cosas: Relatan sus anhelos, sus gustos, sus preferencas, su visión de lo estético, poniendo especial atención a los detalles pequeños o, hasta cierto punto, ordinarios.

He aquí una muestra de ello, de antemano me disculpo, ya que sólo encontre el diálogo en ingles:

Wings of desire.
Escena entre Damiel y Cassiel, ambos sentados en un BMW, dentro de una agencia de autos, viendo a la gente pasar, leyendo sus apuntes:

Cassiel: In the hills, an old man read the Odyssey to a child. And the young listener stopped blinking his eyes…. And what do you have to tell?

Damiel: A woman on the street folded her umbrella while it rained and let herself get drenched. A schoolboy who described to his teacher how a fern grows out of the earth, and astonished the teacher. A blind woman who groped for her watch feeling my presence. . . . It’s great to live only by the spirit, to testify day by day for eternity only to the spiritual side of people. But sometimes I get fed up with my spiritual existence. Instead of forever hanging above, I’d like to feel there’s some weight to me. To end my eternity and bind myself to earth. At each step, each gust of wind I’d like to be able to say “Now!,” now and now and no longer say “forever” and “eternity.” To sit at the empty seat at a card table and be greeted, even by a nod. Whenever we did participate it was only a pretense. Wresting with one of them…we allowed a hip to be dislocated, in pretense only. We pretended to catch a fish, we pretended to be seated at the tables and drink and eat and we were served roast lamb and wine. In the tents out there in the desert, in pretense. Not that I want to beget a child or plant a tree right away, but it would be quite something to come home after a long day like Philip Marlowe and feed the cat. To have fever. To have blackened fingers from the newspaper. To be excited not only by the mind but, at last, by a meal, the curve of a neck, by an ear. To lie! Through the teeth! To feel your skeleton moving along as you walk. Finally to suspect instead of forever knowing all. To be able to say “Ah” and “Oh” and “hey” instead of “yes” and “amen.”

Esta película más que personajes es como leer, ver y escuchar un poema de anhelos, de pensamientos. Se tiene la oportunidad de ver a través de los ojos de otra persona. Me encanta.

Por su parte Shonagon en lista todo lo que ve y le agrada, lo que a su parecer es estético elegante, incluso llegando a ser elitista y frívola. The Pillow Book contiene 320 secciones mencionando recuerdos, bosquejos mentales, listas de palabras, etc. Este es un pequeño extracto del libro:

I remember a clear morning in the Ninth Month when it had been raining all night. Despite the bright sun, the dew was still dripping from the chrysanthemums in the garden. On the bamboo fences and crisscross hedges I saw tatters of spider webs; and where the threads were broken the raindrops hung on them like strings of white pearls. I was greatly moved and delighted.

As it became sunnier, the dew gradually vanished from the clover and the other plants where it had lain so heavily; the branches began to stir, then suddenly sprang up of their own accord. Later I described to people how beautiful it all was. What most impressed me was that they were not at all impressed.

Y que decir de la música, tengo demasiadas canciones favoritas que despiertan los sentidos, que se disfrutan mejor si se escuchan con la luz apagada… pero de eso hablaré después.

Espero poder algún día escribir mis emociones, de forma que despierten la misma emoción al lector, cualquiera que este sea.

Hoy la vista es sensible a lo que se ve por la ventana, se escucha, se degusta, se toca y se huele… espero que siempre este así.

Buenas madrugadas…

Imagen: Escena de la película “Wings of desire” o “Der Himmer über Berlin”


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